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Finally Your Filmmaking
Dilemmas Will Be Answered 

 Fabrizio's Debut Book is now Available!

"Cut & Drag is a complete overview on fundamental

editing and film-making principles.

Professionals and newcomers can’t do without it."

"The very core, easy to go through and stripped to the bone. 

The kind of info you want to bring with you everyday

on set, or in the editing room."


What's included in the Book?
More than 200 Illustrations and Shooting plans


Some of the cool stuff you'll learn or jog your memory about

- How to make the perfect cut

- How to break the “180-Degree rule”

- How to master the “Triangle principle”

- How to cover a three-actor dialogue scene

- How to turn a script upside down in the editing room


Section 1: Editing & Filmmaking are Storytelling


Screenwriters, film-makers and editors strive every day

to find new, creative ways to unfold and disclose

the narrative of a story.

This magic process that triggers our emotions

and keeps us engaged when watching a movie,

is called storytelling.

Section 2: Film Editing to the Rescue

Section 3: Key Elements of Film Dialogue

Section 4: Film-making Basic Tools


Each craft has  a basic body of rules and principles

which help the craftsman understand what they're

doing throughout the creative process.

The same goes with film-making. Our craft requires

each professional to grasp the basics of any

other film department.

Section 5: Dialogue (Two Players/Actors)

Section 6: Line of interest vs Line of action


One of the most controversial topic in 

film-making gets finally broken down to 

"manageable" chunks. 

Draw an imaginary line between two or more

actors, place your camera on one side of the line

and stick to it. Is it really that simple?

Section 7: Dialogue (Three Players/Actors)


There have been many different approaches 

developed over the years to cover

and edit these types of scenes. 

We'll look at those most used by

some of the Hollywood's most 

popular directors and editors.

Section 8: Cut on Action vs Cut after the movement

Section 9: Match cut

Section 10: Jump cut

Section 11: Ellipsis

Section 12: Impact cut vs Thematic cut

Section 13: "J" and "L" cut


Fabrizio Gammardella is a multi-award-winning film editor and animation director.

He has worked as an editor in London for many years, cutting projects for a variety of blue-chip companies and private clients.

Some of his work features popular film actors Harry Kirton (Peaky Blinders), Lewis MacDougall (A Monster Calls), Paul Brennen (Alien 3) and actresses Caitlin Fitzgerald (Master of Sex), Stephanie Beacham (Dynasty), Victoria Yeates (Fantastic Beasts). 


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"Whether you are someone with a big dream, trying to break into the film industry,

already working in the field and looking to move up the ladder, or an experienced filmmaker updating your knowledge of tools and techniques, this book provides the invaluable knowledge  of the storytelling, filmmaking and editing principles required to shoot a film and put it together in the editing room."


"It's like a crash course in

Hollywood Film-making!" 

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