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As a freelance Video Editor, I specialise in short and feature films, branded contents and documentaries.

I usually work across a wide range of projects and never miss out on the chance of being involved in a new production from an early stage.


Sean Barton (one of the editors of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi) and I in London in 2016.


My editing bays: London, Italy and Malta.

Editing aside, I'm also a multi-award-winning Animation Director.


Over the past 7 years I produced and directed two short animated films which got selected in more than 70 International Film Festivals all around the world - including BAFTA and Canadian Screen Award events - and won 15 of them. 



Type: Short drama film (UK, Italy - 2023)

Director: Fabrizio Gammardella

Animation & Production Supervisor: Marco La Torre

Rigging Artist & Lead Animator: Nicolas D'Amore
Animators: Umberto Salerni, Stefania Settiniere, Leana Lapointe, Lea Hirt Bruun,  Angsane  Sallaud Pujdade-Renaud,

Shivaprasad Devadiga, Golem Studio
Background Artist: Pierpaolo Massacci

Storyboard Artist: Veronica Spinoni
Video Editor: Fabrizio Gammardella

Status: Post-production 

Running time: 7 Minutes

GFX-film-poster-official-v4 copy.jpg
A Piglet's Tale


Type: Short drama film (UK - 2021)

Director: Fabrizio Gammardella

Producer: LionBear Films

Running time: 12 Minutes

GFX-film-poster-official-v1 copy.jpg
Sissy's Dream 


Type: Short film (Italy - 2016)

Director: Fabrizio Gammardella

Producer: Valentino Ruggiero

Running time: 2 Minutes

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